Homes With AmpliFi Networks

Last week, it was reported that the most popular form of WiFi passwords used to protect WiFi access and its connected devices was compromised. Android devices are most susceptible to this kind of hack, but any device is at risk if no action is taken.

Your home is equipped with two Ubiquiti AmpliFi meshpoints. As one of the largest providers of network equipment, Ubiquiti was given notice of the flaw prior to the public press release and has fixed the flaw in the most current firmware update.

To ensure your private information remains secure, please follow the attached directions to update the firmware of your AmpliFi meshpoints.

If you have any questions or need assistance performing the update, please call us at

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HomePro takes consumer privacy seriously and we will continue to partner with dependable and proactive manufacturers in order to provide the best solutions for our customers. As always, our priority is to provide you the best smart home experience and products.

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